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Do I need to read food labels?


Food labels can feel like a minefield.  Do I need to read them to make the most of this programme?  No absolutely not. We recommend you buy real food and real food does not come with a label containing its list of ingredients. In fact the longer the list of ingredients on the label the less healthy the food is.  You will find more information on this within your food checklist.  Login to your programme to gain access.


Refreshingly when you register for My Healthy Eating Programme you will quickly understand why you do not have to read labels, count calories or weigh foods.  With My Healthy Eating Programme the foods we recommend you eat are all healthy foods that do not require labels.

This is because:

    We believe in providing you with healthy eating information

    Your Healthy Eating Programme is not a faddy diet but a healthy lifestyle

    You will not be eating processed foods

    You will be eating real food

    You will feel great, manage your weight and sleep well with real food

Healthy eating as a lifestyle is key to good health, oodles of energy and easy weight management, if you have questions about diets we have some answers for you - more here

It can be relaxing to have a couple of alcoholic drinks from time to time, find out how alcohol fits in with My Healthy Eating Programme -more here

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