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Is this a diet?




Is this a diet?  No, not unless you choose to lose weight by following the My Healthy Eating Programme - weight loss programme - Read more here.

Firstly let me explain that the term ‘diet’ usually means weight loss. However ‘diet’ really means the foods we eat. Currently you follow a certain 'diet' because you eat your habitual foods.

By following My Healthy Eating Programme you will soon get to grips with eating real foods by making some simple dietary changes that will become your lifestyle. 

Lifestyle is what it’s all about. Leading a healthy lifestyle by fuelling yourself up with healthy, nutritious food to be as well, healthy and energised as you can possibly be.

Healthy eating is key to leading a healthy lifestyle.  A well balanced diet will help you to avoid health challenges such as high blood pressure and hear disease and even avoid certain cancers - more here.

Eating processed can be detrimental to our health and wellbeing.  We provide more information about this - more here.

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