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What are trans fats and hydrogenated fats?


Artificial trans fats can be formed when oil goes through a process called hydrogenation, which makes the oil more solid (known as hardening). This type of fat, known as hydrogenated fat, can be used for frying or as an ingredient in processed foods to improve the shelf life. 

Consider the shelf life of a packet of shop-bought biscuits.  Now consider the shelf life of home baked biscuits.  Hmmmmm, there is quite a difference we think.

Are trans fats bad for you?

Consuming a diet high in trans fats can lead to high cholesterol levels in the blood, which can lead to health conditions such as heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

How to reduce your in-take of trans fats

Reduce your intake or better still stop eating the following altogether

  • Special K's entire line of health/weight loss food
  • Quaker oats chewy granola bars
  • Rice Krispies
  • Ritz crackers
  • Spreads and margarines
  • Most shop bought baked goods - cakes, doughnuts, cookies to name a few
  • Many frozen goods - pies, waffles, pizzas, plus many more
  • Many shop bought cakes and biscuits


What to eat instead

  • Snack on fruit and vegetables
  • Eat 'Real' food and shop the grocery and real deli counters leaving the central aisles well alone
  • If you are a baker bake the occasional cake or biscuits, make them healthier by reducing the amount of fat you include in your baking
  • This is the big one - give up processed food


Eating a healthy diet is important for wellbeing and longevity, we have more essential information about reading food labels - more here

If you are part of a company and would like to find out more about our healthy eating services please call 0845 533 5302.

If you are an individual and are interested in our 12 week online healthy eating programme you can find out more - here .  When you're ready you can login to My healthy eating programme using the login button at the top.


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