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Fact File - Musculoskeletal challenges, overweight and obesity: healthy eating

Musculoskeletal disorders especially osteoarthritis, a highly disabling and degenerative disease of the joints are amongst the common health consequences of overweight and obesity. 

These disorders can be avoided by maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index and Hip to Waist Ratio through healthy eating.  You can read more here in the Obesity and overweight fact sheet produced by the World Health Organisation in March 2013 - more here.

Musculoskeletal disorders associated with obesity: A biochemical perspective, published by the US National Library of Medicines National Institutes of Health states the following -

'Despite the multifactorial nature of musculoskeletal disease, obesity consistently emerges as a key and potentially modifiable risk factor in the onset and progression of hip, knee, ankle, foot and shoulder' The full paper and more information can be read here.

Reducing your risk for heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes and depression can all be influenced by eating a healthy diet and we have more information in our healthy eating - the science page - more here.


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