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Fact File - Dietitian Approved Programme


The written contents of these programmes has been approved by a Registered Dietitian. This means that although the programme has some unique focus points and guides, the information is in line with current guidelines and evidence based practice. Registered Dietitians are the only professionals in the field of nutrition who are statutorily regulated and therefore governed by law and by an ethical code of practice, they are also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Dietitians translate science into practical ways, using the best evidence available. The title Nutritionist is not protected by law unlike Dietitian. Nutritionists can register voluntarily, but they are not statutorily regulated.

The dietary and lifestyle advice are based on long-term goals rather than ‘quick-fixes’. The written information in these programmes are guides to help and motivate you on your journey of healthy eating and a positive lifestyle, but they do not replace specific dietary advice provided by your dietitian or healthcare professional.

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