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Fact File - 6 Top Tips To Achieve Weight Loss

A study of 2,257 people, of which 1,467 were deemed to be overweight, found that overweight people experience a crisis of confidence when looking in the mirror, seeing old friends, trying clothes on in a shop and getting dressed for a night out. In contrast, the 790 people of a healthy weight who took part in the survey reported positive answers in every situation.



Here we have 6 top tips on how to lose weight with ease, including, eat (yes eat!) to lose weight, and how to keep it off for good!


1. Kick Old Habits To The Curb

We are very much creatures of habit: One key point to success is to look at your daily routine and identify the habits that could be hindering your weight loss. Habits take time to establish so reversing them can often be a challenge, but by identifying them, you have acknowledged your habits and can therefore start to set targets and ways to change these. Some habits will be more obvious than others so keeping a food and exercise diary might be helpful in order to begin to see a pattern.


2. Be Mindful Of Portion Sizes & Food Proportions

It is important to never eat until you feel full, eat until you just feel comfortable. When it comes to food proportions, think of the main food groups – proteins e.g. fish, meat, pulses and diary foods; carbohydrates e.g. pasta, rice and bread; and vegetables/salad.

Aim to make the vegetable/salad portion the largest (half a plate) – this is low in energy, little to no fat and has plenty of vitamins.

Make the carb portion and the protein portion equal (the two remaining quarters of your plate).


3. Set Realistic Goals

If you want to lose weight, aim for about 0.5-1kg a week until you reach a healthy BMI, this is a realistic weight loss – bear in mind how long it has taken you to put on weight e.g. years..


4. Regular Meals

Incorporating regular meals can help satisfy our hunger, by missing a meal we are more likely to snack on ‘junk’ foods, or snacks high in sugar or fat making our overall energy (calorie) intake possibly higher. This also makes us less likely to incorporate all the essential nutrients we need for health.


5. Plan, Plan & Plan!

Write your food plan as it helps in the early days to know exactly what you will be eating over the coming few days. Include your main meals, snacks and drinks to make it really easy for yourself.

From this, you can plan a shopping list so that you have to hand what you are going to cook or prepare – this includes snacks too.

When you are out and about, have 1-2 small snacks with you to hand if you know you could be tempted 
by sugary foods. But also have a treat occasionally and don’t feel guilty – e.g. a slice of cake once a week will not undo all the good work. Planning really is key to success.


6. Be Aware Of What You’re Drinking

Avoid sugary drinks – there is no nutritional value other than empty calories. Gradually cut these down, you may find that opting for diet drinks first can be a good step. Water is the best – it hydrates you naturally – aim for 1.5-2L a day, squeeze a little lemon or lime if you wish to flavour your water.

Alcohol will also contribute to your calorie intake – a medium glass of wine can provide 150-200 calories, these can really add up. Never go beyond the limit (14 units a week for both men and women). But if you want to lose weight, these are empty calories that you can do without.


Now you are armed with your top tips, you can use these when taking your first steps to achieving your weight loss and maintaining it throughout the future – happy planning!

Load yourself up with all the preparation and information you need to help yourself along the way. Download your food and exercise diary, fill in your personal health checklist, check out our food checklist and download your shopping list and food planner - find all of this simply by clicking here.

Once you have reached your target weight, we'll let you into a few weight maintenance secrets here

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