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How the programme works

Our programmes are simple and easy with a suitable programme for everyone.  If you want to lose weight, suffer from a lack of energy, want to provide healthy eating for your family as well as yourself or perhaps you are already knowledgeable about healthy but would like to pick up some more useful tips and tricks.

The programmes are in bite-sized chunks of video tutorials, with written info to download or view online to include your food checklist, weekly menu suggestions, exercise & goals diary, recipes, progress graph and more.  The all-important stats page where you record your weekly progress, plus science information, how to eat out, what to do about alcohol, how to keep your food and exercise interesting and how to keep up the good habits....

The programme range -

  Weight loss           Weight gain                  Boosting energy              Diabetes

  Family health         Fit and healthy man      Fit and healthy woman


How do I choose my programme?  It's simple just follow our 3 steps below.

Step 1.  Register using the Register now button in the banner at the top of the page. Here you will enter your code provided by your employer.

Step 2.  Next, create your profile and watch the introductory videos to help you make your programme selection. 

Step 3.  Click on to the appropriate programme button.

Do you lead a busy lifestyle and are concerned about fitting healthy eaitng into your day? We have some more information about that - more here.

Perhaps you have tried to lose weight and it's not worked well for you, we have some amazing weight loss results - more here.

Would you like to find out more about drinking chocolate - more here or discovering if you can still eat chocolate - more here.

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