My Healthy Eating Programme
Eating real food for the best possible lifestyle...

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Why you should join our 12 week programme


  • Lose inches, gain energy
  • Banish craving and the afternoon slump
  • Eat REAL food for optimal health
  • Break your sugar addiction
  • Improve sleep

What's included

  • A fantastic choice of programmes
     Eating for energy  Fit and Healthy Man  Fit and Healthy Woman  Type 2 Diabetes
     Weight Loss  Weight Gain  Family Health  Shift Worker
  • Step by step videos to guide you through your programme
  • Daily tips and tricks in your inbox to help you eat healthily forever
  • Quick, easy and delicious recipes to suit you and your family
  • How to make healthy eating your lifestyle choice
  • Know your numbers - BMI, Hip to Waist and goal setting
  • Your healthy eating programme online 24/7 for 12 weeks


If you want to eat healthily, boost your energy, have a clearer mind and banish cravings, then my 12-week programme is for you.

Anna Mason - Founder and Director


Our panel of experts

Lee Stuart
Ex-Marine, fitness expert and founder of Go Commando Bootcamp
Sharyn Singer
Naturopath and healthy eating expert
Christina Merryfield
Registered Dietitian

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Healthy breakfast suggestion

Oily fish - excellent source of healthy fat

Delish BBQ for when the sun comes out

Make mine a smoothie

Avocado, a healthy source of fat and brilliant to add to lunch time pittas

Delicious as part of a healthy breakfast

Salt fish and akee for breakfast

Salmon for supper

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